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First Steps with TicoChico

First your agency will give us your email, so we can create your account. When your Group Tour’s itinerary is finished, it will be instantly ready in your TicoChico. You just have to download the app and log in. It’s very simple and you will do it only once.
Get Your Account and Tours

1. Account Created

Your agency will share your email address so we can create your account.
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2. Tour Added

Once your tour itineraries are finalised they will be added to your TicoChico account.
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3. Download the App

You are good to go. Download the app, travel safe and bring memories!
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Log in and Begin Your Journey

1. Enter Email
& Get Your Code

First login with your work email. We will then send you your verification code.
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2. Enter Your
Verification Code

Enter the code from your email into TicoChico.
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3. Welcome!

That’s all. Start using TicoChico right away!
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Your itinerary is always up to date.

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Contact the right person anytime.

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Rooming lists for your comfort.

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All your vouchers in one place.

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Please check that you didn’t enter your email incorrectly. If your email address was correct, it probably hasn't been registered with TicoChico. Please contact your Sales representative who will create your TicoChico account based on your current email.

Check your spam folder and if you still cannot locate the email, please contact your Sales Representative.

As a Tour Leader you have to be assigned to the tour to see it in TicoChico. Please contact your Sales representative to assign your account to the tour.

They say about us...

Tour Leader WONG
“It was nice to check the location of restaurants and hotels on map, without carrying complicated documents.” - Tour Leader WONG
Tour Leader KIM
“All necessary contacts are inside. No need to call support asking for it.“ - Tour Leader KIM
Send TicoChico feedback and
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Presenting TicoChico 2.6

The latest update brings better performance and a smoother experience for all users. In addition, we have updated the look of our app with brand new animations and widgets. So travel safe and bring memories wherever you go!