FAQ - TicoChico


Not now, but we are currently working on this functionality as it is highly demanded.

Currently TicoChico is not showing deviators of the Tour.

We support English, Chinese (Mandarin and simplified), Japanese, Korean languages. For now there are no plans to add new languages.

Currently this is not implemented.

Currently drivers have no access to TicoChico. But we are currently working on a TicoChico for bus drivers and other services, to make your experience better.

Yes, but it is very new feature still in testing.

For the services where the voucher is required, it still needs to be printed and handed to the supplier. It depends on the supplier if they need to have the voucher printed or not. Thank you for your understanding.

Once your tour is on the road you can tap a Support button and see your destination countries. Choose the one you are in (or the one you require support in) and call a Customer support representative.

This feature is not implemented.

Please check if you didn’t make any mistake in the e-mail. Otherwise, your e-mail was probably not registered within TicoChico. Please contact your Sales representative to create you a TicoChico account with the e-mail you are using.

Check your Spam folder. 

If you are not on the road, please contact your Sales representative; if you are on the road, contact Customer Support.

As a Tour Leader you have to be assigned to the tour to see it in TicoChico. Please contact your Sales representative to assign you to the tour.

Yes, indeed. Once the tour is downloaded to your phone, you can access it offline. For the new updates please refresh the itinerary when you are back online (tapping on two arrows in the circle in the upper right corner).

Once the tour is completed you can give us your feedback. The itinerary can be seen 5 days after the tour completion.

Downloading the tour for the first time takes longer because the tour (all data) is being downloaded to your phone. It is faster afterwards. 

Additionally you can access last downloaded tour data when offline.

Some drivers’ contacts are updated by suppliers one day before the service. Once there is no information in TicoChico, it means there is no information added into the internal system. Please try calling the supplier to know the contact of the driver. Thank you for your cooperation.

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