FAQ - TicoChico


Not now, but we are currently working on this functionality as it is in high demand.

TicoChico is currently only supported in English.

For services where a voucher is required, it still needs to be printed and handed to the supplier. It depends on the supplier whether they need to have the voucher printed or not. Thank you for your understanding.

Once your tour is on the road you can tap the help button and see your destination countries. Choose the one you are in (or the one you require support in) and call a Customer support representative.

Please check that you didn’t enter your email incorrectly. If your email address was correct, it probably hasn't been registered with TicoChico. Please contact your Sales representative who will create your TicoChico account based on your current email.

Check your spam folder and if you still cannot locate the email, please contact your Sales Representative.

As a Tour Leader you have to be assigned to the tour to see it in TicoChico. Please contact your Sales representative to assign your account to the tour.

Yes, indeed. Once the tour is downloaded to your phone, you can access it offline. If there are any changes, your itinerary will be updated automatically when you are back online.

The tour itinerary can be seen up to 5 days after the tour is completed.

Driver contact details can be updated by suppliers up to one day before the service begins. If there is no information in TicoChico, it means there is no information within the internal system. Please try calling the supplier to obtain the contact details of the driver. Thank you for your cooperation.

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