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App for Tour Leaders

Travel safe, be always ready and bring memories

Every tour is unique, so tour leaders need to rely on their itinerary to help them always be prepared and professional.

TourGuide brings tour leaders their up-to-date itinerary, along with full service details and support channels.

Your itinerary is always up to date

It takes seconds to update the itinerary whenever things change. Unexpected events? Special requests? Always find everything you need in TourGuide.

Enjoy full support, in every way you like

TourGuide now comes with messaging support. Speak with our dedicated professionals and get help 24/7 by phone or message.

Your vouchers, rooming lists, and menus

Lost your Kuoni Tumlare vouchers? Can’t find a rooming list? Not sure about the menu? This and much more is always with you in your TourGuide app.

How can you start using TourGuide app?

It's easy to get started with TourGuide app. Your agency will provide us with your email address. When your first tour is ready, it will be assigned to your account. Simply download the app and log in once with the same email address to view your tour.

Account Created

Your account will be created with the email address you provided to your agency.

First Tour Assigned

Once your first tour is finalised, it will be assigned to your account.

Download the App

Download the TourGuide app for free from your app store.

Entered Email & Receive Your Code

Enter your account email address. We'll then send you your code via email.

Enter Your Code

Enter the 4-digit code from your email in to TourGuide.

You're In!

You're good to go, travel safe and bring memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check that your email address has been entered correctly. If you still cannot log in, it may be because you have not been added to a tour before. Please contact your agency or Kuoni Tumlare representative to check that your tour is ready and they have your correct email address.

Please firstly check your spam/junk folder. If you still cannot locate the email, please contact your Agency or Kuoni Tumlare representative.

You will need to be assigned by your agency or Kuoni Tumlare representative in order to see the tour in the app. Please contact your agency or Kuoni Tumlare representative to check that your tour is ready and to assign you to the tour.

Here's what tour leaders say about TourGuide…

“It was nice to check the location of restaurants and hotels on map, without carrying complicated documents.”
Tour Leader WONG
Tour Leader WONG
“All necessary contacts are inside. No need to call support asking for it.“
Tour Leader KIM
Tour Leader KIM